Social advantages..

In my fourth post, i will explain how gaming have a positive impact in the player’s social life.

Online multiplayer communities are social networks built around multiplayer online computer games. Members of these communities typically share an interest in online gaming and a great deal of the interaction between them is technologically mediated.

Online multiplayer games typically encourage interaction between players: some go even as far as demanding it. Collaboration with other players may be a prerequisite for making progress in a game, or a game may be based on competition between players.

Long-term interaction lays the foundation for a feeling of community. Social interaction between members of multiplayer communities shares similarities to interaction in face-to-face groups. Shared values and goals are the basis on which a shared understanding and a sense of community are built on.(Marko Siitonen,2007).

The video above discussed whether video games are impacting more or less socially on the player’s lives.

However, on the other hand, a handful of imaging studies of video game-related events suggest that there may be deactivation of the prefrontal cortex during game-playing which logically could affect the development of complex cognitive behaviors as well as the expression of appropriate social behavior. ( Suzuki K, Hirasawa K, Tanaka M, et al. 2003).

But is all these good enough to prove that one should stop gaming completely?

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Marko Siitonen, 2007.” How Does Online Gaming Affect Social Interactions” University of Jyvaeskylae (2007, September 20) ScienceDaily.­ /releases/2007/09/070915110957.htm

Suzuki K, Hirasawa K, Tanaka M, et al. Relationship between long-term use of video games and cognitive abilities. Presented at the 34th Annual Conference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association, Tokyo, August 25-29, 2003.


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