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Video and computer-based games have assumed a prominent role in the culture of American children and adolescents. Given the pervasiveness of their influence, it is likely that these games may affect the health and well-being of children.(Dorman SM. 1997).

Hence, in this post, I will be demonstrating how media was utilized to showcase how gaming addiction affect certain individual, particularly growing adults. This video is a documentary which interviews few hardcore players and they explain why is gaming so addictive nowadays.

Now, this news anchor show explains the detrimental effects of gaming addiction particularly to children and young adults. The media in this instance, aims to change the public’s perspective towards long hour of gaming sessions.

In addition, the show highlights the detrimental effects of Video game addiction, which include social phobia,childhood obesity and even dementia. . These awareness tactics employed by the media serves only one purpose – To let the public be aware of this  issue in children.

In conclusion, we have seen how the media has brought across awareness towards the devastating effect of gaming addiction.

Recognizing the warning signs of video game addiction is the first step to understanding that a problem exists and is a destructive habit that can cause numerous problems.  Growing awareness of the problem has led to the establishment of many organizations and experts in the field of video game addiction.( Tammy Darling 2009).

Word count: 215


Dorman SM. 1997, The Journal of School health,  Apr;67(4):133-8.

Darling, T. 2009, “Kids & Video Game Addiction”, Pediatrics for Parents, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 13-13.


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