The Start.

In this first blog post, I will be discussing how the media is portraying  gaming as part of many individual’s lifestyle. In the second and third post, I will be highlighting the use of media in advocating the detrimental effects of gaming.

In the past, Gaming was just seen as a leisure activity. The variety of gaming platforms & games available are very limited,  so there are lesser chance of people getting hooked into gaming for a long amount of time.

However, now with the rise in number of gaming platforms available in addition with so many different variations of gameplay available, gaming addiction seems imminent.

*This graph shows a sharp growth of online game market over the years in countries.

Companies uses launch events,allowing people to pre-order and pay for the game before the game was released.

Above commercials show how gaming companies uses sports celebrities to help their games gain popularity. All these would help increase recognition in their products, therefore new gamers would be convinced to try this game.

Computer games have become an ever-increasing part of many adolescents’ day-to-day lives. Coupled with this phenomenon, reports of excessive gaming denominated as “video game addiction” have been discussed in the popular press as well as in recent scientific research.(Grusser 2007).

Word Count: 210


Grüsser SM,(2007),Cyberpsychol Behav. 2007 Apr;10(2):290-2.

Source: Push.(n.d.). Computer & Video Games Survey 2004 Results. Retrieved from


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